Dealing With Divorce In Illinois: Useful Info That May Be Helpful In Your Case:

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Attorney Ronald Bell owns the law firm of Ronald Bell & Associates, a general practice firm concentrating on divorce. A college graduate at the age of 20, he went on to attend law school, graduating at the age of 23. Attorney Bell went before the Supreme Court when he was 24 and has been practicing law for 37 years. As an Assistant Attorney General, he was handpicked to argue a case before Chief Justice Rehnquist. Attorney Bell was also handpicked to argue five cases in front of the Illinois Supreme Court on behalf of the State of Illinois.

Attorney Bell has also handled hundreds of appeals for the State of Illinois, many habeas corpus petitions and has represented many other state agencies. He was also the “Bingo” prosecutor and went after the mafia on behalf of the State of Illinois. When Attorney Bell left the Attorney General’s office, he went into private practice and began handling medical malpractice cases.

He won over $4 million right off-the-bat on a case and soon after, became corporate counsel to what became a very large company after Attorney Bell’s arrival. In fact, he helped them grow to $250 million gross revenue and they are now a major consulting company. He was in constant litigation with competitors for their employees and litigated cases for 20 years in many states, including San Francisco and Texas. He is actually nationally known as a result of that. Throughout this whole time, from the time Attorney Bell left the Attorney General’s office, he was doing divorce work as well.



Dealing With Divorce In Illinois: This book deals with various aspects of Family Law such as divorce, prenuptial agreements, mediation, child custody, division of assets, costs of a divorce, and consequences of a divorce. Statistics show fifty percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. When you put two people together they may have the same idea of leading a blissful life but they have different ways of going about doing it which conflict with each other. When you get to a point in a marriage where you are contemplating divorce, you need a skilled attorney who engages in that kind of thing. A skilled attorney keeps up with the law and is able to know where the case is going, where the case has been and can predict the outcome with a degree of relative accuracy.

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